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AN EVERLASTING JOURNEY FULL OF ELEGANCE CH Men by Carolina Herrera is an “Eau de Toilette” for men, with oriental spiced notes. This time, Herrera, tells a journey, with start date and a final destination, but without a time limit and most importantly full of emotions, people and new places to discover and learn. This fragrance was created in 2009, following the worldwide success of its feminine version. In it, a man with a high level of elegance, and at the same time, spontaneous, adventurous and dreamed is depicted. This perfume exudes the figure of a tender boy with a classic touch, looking for a romantic and playful love. Olfactory pyramid starts with notes like violet flower and grass, eccentric and original shades in a masculine perfume, which open the way to an adventurous heart and dreamer, led by saffron and nutmeg, to finish with a sweetish base, full of style and sophistication with vetiver roots, Sambac jasmine, sandalwood, vanilla, cashmere and suede.IRRESISTIBLY IRRESISTIBLE. It is proved that among the feminine audience appreciated the smell are floral. For that reason, Herrera decided to implement jasmine and violet in this fragrance, that turn its scent into a magnet and an addiction. SWEET LEATHER. Carolina Herrera's famous firm is worldwide for its leather goods of high quality. For this reason, he wants to make it very clear his personal seal including this olfactory note in its creation.TRAVELLER’S LOGBOOK. The perfume is accompanied by a notebook titled “travellers logbook' in which curiously history and the process of creating perfume is explained. Very interesting facts that will help us to dive further into this wonderful journey.


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